Cardiosport First Instructions

Positioning the transmitter
Attach the adjustable elastic strap to one end of the transmitter.  Moisten the electrodes with saliva or water. The electrodes are the part with groves on them.  You can use Buh Bump lotion for better transmission.

Position on the chest and attach the other end.  Adjust the strap length to give a snug comfortable fit around your chest. Transmitter battery type CR2032

Positioning the chest strap

First Manual


General Information-

The Cardiosport First continuously measures heart rate with ECG accuracy and displays this on the heart rate receiver as beats per minute.  The Cardiosport First has been designed to be very easy to use with a large LCD display and logical operation.


Before you begin an exercise program, you are advised to consult your doctor.


Cardiosport First Functions-

1)                  True Heart Rate (by timing R-wave to R-wave intervals) 

The transmitter is activated automatically when on the body and is deactivated automatically when removed



When First is not being used for hear rate monitoring.  OFF is displayed

To get started right away:

♥ - Position the chest transmitter.

♥ - Press and hold the ON key for 2 seconds

♥ - A heart symbol will start flashing, and after a few beats, the calculated heart rate will appear.

♥ - To switch off the heart rate receiver, press and hold the ON key for 2 seconds.


If no signal has been received from the transmitter and the ON key has not been pressed for 2 minutes, the receiver will switch OFF automatically and the display will show OFF


♥ - Thourghly wipe your Cardiosport First heart rate receiver and transmitter, and allow the elastic strap to dry after each use.  Store your HRM in a cool dry place.

♥ - Do not expose your Cardiosport First HRM to direct sunlight for extended periods, such as leaving it in a car

♥ - Do not expose your Cardiosport First HRM to extremes of temperature above 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 C), or below 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10C).

Replacing the Transmitter Battery-

Undo the battery hatch with a suitable coin and remove the old battery.  Ensure that the new battery is inserted into the hatch correctly with the plus sign facing the battery hatch.  Check the rubber gasket is clean, correctly fitted and not damaged, then close the hatch securely.

Replacing the Heart Rate Receiver Battery-

The heart rate receiver should be returned to a jewelery shop or an Authorized Cardiosport Service Center.


What if the heart rate reading is erratic or totally absent?

Repeat the electrode moistening procedure.  The electrodes must be moist to pick up accurate heart rate readings.

Make sure the electrodes are flat against the skin.

  What if the heart rate reading becomes erratic or becomes extremely high (above 200)?

  When exercising with your Cardiosport First HRM, you may come within range of other electromagnetic signals, causing the heart rate reading to elevate to abnormal levels.  Common sources of electromagnetic signals are high voltage power lines and motor driven equipment.  Signals from other people’s transmitter belts (within 80cm) can also cause incorrect readings.  Check our surroundings and move away from the source.

Cardiosport First Technical Specification-

Heart Rate Receiver

Heart Rate range                30 to 240 beats per minute (bpm)

Heart rate accuracy                       +/- beat per minute

Battery Cell                              3 volt lithium 2025

Expected battery life                    1 year with 60 mins/day heart rate monitoring


Emitted frequency                     5kHz +/- 10%

Battery cell                               3 volt lithium 2032

Expected battery life                    2 years when used 60 mins/day

Range                                       at least 80cm to heart rate receiver

  These direction are for the exclusive use of  781-647-9777