Cardiosport GO Instructions

Positioning the transmitter
Attach the adjustable elastic strap to one end of the transmitter.  Moisten the electrodes with saliva or water. The electrodes are the part with groves on them.  You can use Buh Bump lotion for better transmission.

Position on the chest and attach the other end.  Adjust the strap length to give a snug comfortable fit around your chest. Transmitter battery type CR2032

Positioning the chest strap

Your Cardiosport GO has one Main screen showing heart rate.  During exercise, GO also measures the time since the session started and also the maximum, average and minimum hear rates.  A press of the ON/SCAN key lets you view these four in an automatic scan sequence during the session.  The information for the session is held in memory until you start your next session. 




1)                  Position the chest transmitter

2)                  Press and hold the ON/SCAN key until the heart symbol appears in the main screen

3)                  The display will initially show a heart rate of O

4)                  After a few seconds, your current heart rate will appear on the display



The only key design makes GO very simple to use.



When the word GO is shown on the display, press and hold the ON/SCAN key to switch on heart rate monitoring.


At the same time, the session timer and maximum, average and minimum heart rate starts for the current session.


To switch off, press and hold the ON/SCAN key until GO appears on the screen.



1)                  Current sessions information


With heart rate monitoring on, a press and release of the ON/SCAN key starts a single scan through the four screens.  Each screen is shown for 3 seconds.


The sequence of the scan is session timer, maximum, average and minimum heart rate


The first screen shows the session time in hours, minutes and seconds (TMR).  This is the time since heart rate monitoring was switched on with the press and hold of the ON/SCAN key.  The timer stops when heart rate monitoring is switched OFF.


The second screen shows the maximum heart rate (MAX) since the sessions began.


The third screen shows the average heart rate (AVG) since the session began.


The fourth screen shows the minimum heart rate (MIN) since the session began.  After this screen the display returns to the main screen and shows the current heart rate.


A short press on the ON/SCAN key during a SCAN sequence takes you to the main screen and shows the current heart rate.


2)                  Previous session information


With the word GO showing on the display, a press and release of the ON/SCAN key starts a single scan through the four screens for the previous session. Please note that the information is held in memory until heart rate monitoring is switched on by a press and hold of the ON/SCAN key to start the next session.


A short press on the ON/SCAN key during a SCAN sequence takes you to the main screen and shows the word GO.



If you have not exercised for some time, begin your exercise program in the Health Heart Zone. Start slowly for the first few weeks and gradually progress up to the zone that meets your personal fitness goal.


Zone 1- Healthy Hart 50 to 59% of MHR

If you are a beginner with the goal of improving overall fitness, losing weight or reducing stress, exercise in this zone.


Zone 2- Weight Management 60 to 69% of MHR

If you already exercise regularly with the aim of losing body fat, exercise in this zone.


Zone 3- Aerobic- 70 to 79% of MHR-

Progress to this zone if your goal is to improve your aerobic conditioning.

Zone 4 Anaerobic Threshold 80 to 89% of MHR-

This is the zone in which to improve anaerobic threshold.  Exercising in this zone requires a high degree of fitness and should not be used by those who are unfit.

  Zone 5- Red Line 90 to 100% of MHR-

This is for athletes only for speed and competitive sport performance training.



Thoroughly wipe the watch receiver and transmitter after use and store in a cool dry place.  Do not expose to direct sunlight and temperatures above 122 degrees Fahrenheit (to degrees Celsius) or below 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 degrees Celsius).


To replace the transmitter battery, undo the battery hatch with a suitable coin and remover the old battery.  Ensure that the new battery is inserted into the hatch correctly with the plus sign facing the battery hatch.  Check the rubber gaskets are clean, correctly fitted and not damaged, then close the hatch securely.


The watch receiver should be returned to a jewelry shop or an Authorized Cardiosport Service Center.



The monitor will be switched off automatically after two minutes if no regular heart rate signal has been received and no keys have been pressed.




GO monitor

Heart rate range minute                             30 to 240 beats per (bpm)

Maximum session timer                             99hr 59 mins. 50 secs.

Maximum session timer for average hr            24 hours

Sampling interval for average heart rate      2 seconds

Duration of long press of GO/SCAN key            at least 2 seconds

Battery                                                             3 volt lithium 2025 cell

Battery life heart                                         1 yr with 60 mins/day rate monitoring




Emitted frequency                                             5kHz +/- 10%

Battery                                                             3 volt lithium 2032 cell

Battery life                                                        2 yrs when used 60 mins/day

Range                                                               80cm maximum to monitor

  These direction are for the exclusive use of  781-647-9777