Tanita Body Fat Scale Comparison Chart by Sark Products  Family

Description Duo
older model
  Duo  Family  Family

Product Name

TBF 622   BF 680 BF 682W UM-026

Platform Color

  White Gray Gray

Adult Mode

Yes   Yes Yes Yes

Athlete Mode

 Yes   Yes Yes Yes

Child Mode

 -   Yes Yes Yes
Guest Mode No   Yes Yes Yes
Daily Calorie Intake No   No Yes No
Body water percent No   No Yes Yes
Healthy Range No   Yes Yes Yes
Recall, Weight and Bodyfat No   Yes Yes No
Weight Only No   Yes Yes Yes

Dual Display

No   Yes Yes Yes


 2    2

Body Fat Increments

 0.1%   0.1%  0.1%  0.1%

Weight-Only Button

-   Yes Yes Yes

Capacity (lb)

  300 330

Weight Increments (lb)

.2 lbs   .2 .2 .2

Capacity (kg)

136   136 150 150

Sark Products Price

$79.95   $69.95 $79.95 $89.95
All of the above products can measure weight in Pounds, Kilograms or Stone Pounds