Description of Tanita Body Fat Scale User Modes

Tanita currently offers three user modes that account for physiological differences among people (for example, a very athletic adult will have different body characteristics from an average person with a fairly sedentary lifestyle). 

To receive the most accurate body fat reading, make sure that you choose the right mode for your body type. If you select the wrong mode, your reading will be applied to the wrong calibration and could result in an incorrect body fat reading.. 

adult mode icon for tanita body fat scale Adult Mode
For adults aged 18 and older who have moderately active to inactive lifestyles.
child mode icon for tanita body fat scale Child Mode:
For children up to the age of 18, who are over 3-1/2 feet tall (107 cm), who have moderately active to inactive lifestyles, and whose bodies are still developing.
athlete mode icon for tanita body fat scale Athlete Mode:
Special calibration for very fit adults. 

Tanita's "athlete" is someone who gets approximately 10 hours a week of intense physical activity (this can be exercise, work or leisure related.) "Athletes" also have a resting heart rate of approximately 60 beats per minute or less. This mode includes people who have been very fit for years but currently exercise less than 10 hours per week. It does not include "enthusiastic beginners" who recently started making a real commitment to exercising at least 10 hours per week but whose bodies have not yet changed to qualify for the Athlete mode. 

Not intended for professional athletes or bodybuilders.