Know your body fat composition
Fitness isn't only about weight, because weight alone does not distinguish between pounds that come from fat or lean body mass or muscle. If a high percentage of the body is fat - a person is FAT, despite their weight. And obesity is a serious health problem which can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Roughly 30% of Americans are Overweight or Obese.  The Tanita body Fat Scales will help you monitor both your weight and body fat simply and accurately.

Tanita Body Shape Comparison    Appearances can be deceiving
Men A, B, and C are exactly the same height. A and B have the same weight, and C weighs considerable more. For his height C appears to be fat. But, after analyzing body fat levels, B and C have acceptable percentages while A has above the recommended range and is at a higher risk of developing health problems.
Tanita BIA

How the TBF-551 works  (Sark's recommended scale)
Determining and maintaining a healthy body fat percentage has simply been an unattainable goal for the average person until now. Tanita's revolutionary body fat monitors use a patented BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) method integrated with a precision scale to calculate body fat easily and quickly. BIA is based on the speed at which a safe, low electrical signal passes through the body to determine its composition. The TBF-551 gives an accurate reading of weight and body fat percentage in seconds. Compact and portable, the Monitor has a 300-pound capacity, a preprogramming function with data storage, and a weight-only button for use as a normal scale.

The TBF-551 lets you take control
The TBF-551 gives a person a more complete picture of the shape they're in because it tells if they're losing pounds from fat or muscle. It's an essential tool the whole family can use for monitoring the progress of any exercise or diet program or for managing health on a regular basis. The TBF-551 gives a person the facts they need to make the right fitness decisions - whether they have an active or sedentary lifestyle or qualify as a serious athlete. Over time, it provides the knowledge needed to take the right step toward a healthier life.

Losing Weight    Losing weight can make you fatter

Men A and B were the same height and weight and had the same percentage of body fat when they started to diet. Each lost a total of 15 lbs over the same period of time.
     Although the results appear identical, Man A's diet consisted of simply cutting calories. He lost weight, but his percentage of body fat increased - he is actually "fatter." Man B's diet combined cutting calories with a program of exercise. In addition to the 15-lb weight loss, his body fat has dropped to 16.6%.

Tanita's unique BIA method of body fat monitoring requires absolutely no training or set-up time. Program your personal data, step onto the platform and results appear within seconds. Data for up to four people can be programmed, making the TBF-551 or 542 a simple health monitoring device that can benefit the entire family. To insure accurate readings, always measure in bare feet.