Polar A3 Heart Rate Monitor
(no longer available replace by F4)

Polar A3 heart rate monitor

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The Polar A3 HRM represents Polar's new slim design in Fitness Line Product Family. Is designed for general exercise, well being, rehabilitation and weight management purposes. In addition to target heart rate settings it features ECG accurate continuous heart rate measurement, light-weight T31 transmitter and water resistance as Polar standards. Available in dark blue color.

Polar A3 features include:

  • Wireless ECG accurate heart rate measurement from chest to wrist
  • One piece, light-weight 100 % waterproof chest transmitter (T31)
  • Wrist receiver water resistant to 20 meters
  • Large easy-to-read  LCD display
  • High and low target zone limits in 1 beat increments
  • Total Exercise Time
  • Average heart rate of entire workout
  • Automatic or manual heart rate limits
  • Watch with date, alarm, Slim receiver design, changeable wrist strap
  • time in zone after workout  (M21 has during workout)
  • Large, Single display,  Heart rate, Time of day, Elapsed time
  • Recalls Average heart rate, time in zone, and elapsed time
  • Recessed watch crystal to prevent scratches
  • Exercise reminder if you don't exercise.


Polar A3  Our Price $74
Polar A3 Watch Only $54  (no transmitter) 
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