Free Gym Bag with all Acumen heart rate monitors over $69
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Basix   Basic Plus  TZ Max 50  Acumen Comparison Chart

Acumen TZ max 100 heart rate monitor

Features of Acumen TZ Max 100     $299  $219
Complete with software, interface and transmitter
For the serious Athlete or computer lover looking for value and ease of use

  • The Acumen TZ Max 100 has a 2-Way Computer Communication allowing easy programming of all heart rate  monitor watch functions from computer.  Programming watch from computer allows user to understand and program the different watch modes without pushing buttons..   This feature easily teaches the user where the data is store in the watch without reading the instructions.    Very easy to use!
  • 3 Target Zones Automatically Set by Age
  • 100 Lap Memory with 8 Seconds to see time and heart rate
  • 9 Interval Timers with 9 Cycles
  • Delay Start Programmable 0-60 sec, and Random
  • Advanced Memory: Time in TZ, Max. and Avg. HR, Calories, 100 Laps w/Lap Split and HR for each, Avg. and Best Lap Times, HR Sampling 5, 10, 30, 60 Sec or 5 Min
  • 4000 samples of heart rate data.  (sample is a data point of heart rate and time)
  • Unlimited number of workouts
  • Windows 95, 98  2000 Compatible
  • System requirements Pentium 133 computer or above
    Microsoft Windows 95 or above
    8MB memory or above and free COM port.
  • Battery Type  CR2032
  • Watch Band size range  5.3-8.2"
  • Compare to other downloading brands

Software download Features

Aumen TZ 100 download graph
Example of interval session

TZ Max 100 $219

Basix   Basic Plus  TZ Max 100   Acumen Comparison Chart  

  Acumen TZ-Max 50    $219      Features:  
(not available only TZ 100 is being made) 

All the TZ-Max 100 Features EXCEPT 50 Laps Instead of 100. DOES NOT INCLUDE the following:

Computer Interface Features:

  • Printout Files and Program Watch Settings
  • Download and Save Data for viewing at later date with easy to use software.
  • Easy to use

(not available only TZ 100 is being made) 


Basix   Basic Plus   TZ Max 100   TZ Max 50   Acumen Comparison Chart

Highly Recommend by Sark Products  (Best Value)
Free Gym Bag with all Acumen heart rate monitors over $69

Acumen Basix plus  $149 $79
or Basix plus ES for woman

eon basix plus acumen heart rate monitors
acumen basix plus es  Eon heart rate monitor

Acumen Basix Plus Features:
  • Dual Display of Heart Rate and Exercise Time
  • TZ Programmable in Single Beats with Audible & Visual Alarms
  • EZ-Set Target ZonePat.Pend Simply Enter Your Age
  • Smart Stopwatch Real Time Memory, Quickstart & Pause
  • Dual Memory (Time in TZ & Total Exercise Time)
  • Watch/Calendar 12/24hr. Time & Date with Daily Alarm
  • Water Resistant to 30M & Shock Resistant
  • "Nite-Site" Night Light comes on with each button pushed between 6pm and 6am.
    (Can be turned off)
  • Calories
  • Detachable Display with Snap-On Bike Mount (Optional)
  • Compare to other Acumen heart rate monitors


  • Acumen Eon Basix Heart Rate Monitor $69   $49
    Free Gym Bag with all Acumen heart rate monitors over $69
  • Target Zones with audible alarm programmable in 1 beat increments.  Yes you can turn off that alarm

  • Time of dayacumen basix Eon heart rate monitor

  • Calories   Program in your age and your weight

  • Water resistent to 30 meters

  • Countdown Timer

  • Comes with transmitter.  We like the transmitter, it works good and it is soft to the skin.  Women should like this package because of its size, ease of use and comfort.  Don' forget the Buh Bump cream for $8 with purchase of heart rate monitor.

Basix   Basic Plus  TZ Max 100   TZ Max 50

acumen basix es  Eon heart rate monitor
Eon Basix ES $69 $49  

Same as above except designed
especially for women

     Compare to other Acumen heart rate monitors




Acumen Pedometer Cardio Trainer
Not Available

  • Time of Day
  • Steps
  • Milestone and Goal
  • Alarm
  • Calories
  • Time in target zone
  • Average Speed Miles or KM
  • Auto Pacer
  • Heart Rate with target zones
  • Night Vision
  • Electronic Step Sensor for most accurate measurements

    Rated best by Consumer Report June 2003