Heart Monitor Battery Change, Repair Form    9/13/2014
Sark Products   65 Helen Street    Waltham, MA 02452   781-647-9777
checks made out to Sark Products

Name:_____________________________________  (ok to use label)    ______   Previous customer

Address: __________________________________________________

City: _______________________State __________Zip________Email_____________________

Daytime Phone:___________________________ Evening Phone______________________
Elastic strap do not send except to match and throw away
Problem with the Heart Rate Monitor:_________________________________________

All Prices include shipping and Handling via  US Mail.
Prices for parts assume you are sending a watch in for a battery otherwise add $5 for shipping and handling   

Battery Change first watch includes Shipping $21  _________
ADD $1 For  POLAR S510, S520,  S710, S720, S625, S725
Set Time, Date with battery change  $3                 _________    if applicable
Set Time, Date, Age, Sex,Weight with battery $5  _________    if applicable
Additional  Heart Monitors  $15                            _________
Wear Link Transmitter battery change $15            _________
Include Transmitter for testing or box add $3         _________
Snap ring for favor pacer edge or fitwatch add $2 _________
Priority Mail add $4.50                                        _________
UPS Next Day Saver add $27                              _________

UPS Next Day add $35 (10:30am)                       _________

International Watch add $3                                   _________

Polar T31 Transmitter  with strap $39                   _________
Cardiosport  Transmitter             $37                    _________  (Changeable battery)
Polar T31 Coded Transmitter with strap  $52       _________
Polar Coded Wearlink Transmitter Trade $52      _________ (Changeable battery)

Elastic Strap $8    (Specify T31 or old style)        _________
Wear Link Elastic Strap     $21                            _________
Electrode Gel        $8                                          _________
Watch Band $12 most models available               _________     not available for Favor, Pacer, Edge or Fitwatch
Instructions             $4 some models                     _________
Credit Card Payment add $3                               _________

Total _______________________________________        (If not sure put down max total you authorize without phone call)   Total not sure  ______________

Credit Card# ______________________________________($3 extra Master Card, Visa, Amex)
Exp. Date ___________Three Digit Code on back_________  4 digit on front for amex
Signature __________________________
If you are not sure about your transmitter we will only charge your card if replacement is needed.   No shipping and handling is added if you send a check and it turns out you need the transmitter also.  Your card will be billed $39 for Polar $37 for Cardiosport