Buh Bump Electrode Cream  $9.00  (2.5oz)
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$7.20   with heart monitor purchase
Free sample with heart monitor purchase

Free Sample with heart monitor purchase !

Why use Buh Bump with your monitor?  Buh Bump electrolyte cream Read This
Sark Products recommends moistening the electrodes of the transmitter for best results. The current moistening agent by default users is spit. While unsanitary and disgusting, saliva does work for most people, but its like using rabbit ears on a TV when you could have cable. It all comes down to getting the best reception possible. Reception is key to heart rate monitoring. Nothing is more frustrating to a HRM user than watching their heart rate appear one second and disappear the next due to lousy reception. Hands down, Buh-bump provides the best reception possible! 

  Heart rate monitor technology is awesome and has improved tremendously since its introduction in 1979, but one problem still remains-the technology relies on an individual's body chemistry in order to work properly. If
you have dry skin, don't sweat a lot, or you have a hairy chest, your monitor may not function the way it should.  Your monitor should work flawlessly all the time. Buh-bump is an electro cardiograph cream similar to those used in medical procedures. When applied to the electrodes of any monitor, the user sees consistent and accurate readings-the monitor works flawlessly, 100% of the time. Buh-bump works! It's a great product Using Buh-bump is hassle free. It takes only a small amount of Buh-bump applied directly to the transmitter electrodes to obtain accurate and consistent readings all the time from your heart rate monitor. Our 2.5 oz bottle will last you a long time.