Cardiosport Partner Club


cardiosport partner club

Ideal Heart Rate Monitor Watch for fitness control and any workout program.

The PARTNER displays KCALORIES BURNT and is designed for everyday use with Time and Day, Month and Date plus Day of the Week displayed.

Kcalories calculated for each training session, user enters weight, activity (there are 7 choices from Aerobics to jogging) and an intensity factor (1-2) depending on how hard the level of exercise.

Our Price $129      Now $49 includes the new
                      Contour Lite Transmitter

  • Heart Rate
  • Kcalories burnt
  • Stopwatch (to tenths of a second) with Lap Time
  • Heart Rate Recovery Time
  • Countdown Timer
  • High and Low Heart Rate Limit Alarm
  • Target Zone Indicator
  • Dual Time
  • Calendar
  • Time of Day (12 or 24 hour)
  • Daily or Hourly Alarm
  • 7 Activity Levels
  • 2 Intensity Factors
  • Water Resistant
  • Bike Adaptor included