Polar Coach heart rate monitor

Polar Coach heart rate monitor   

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This is an older unit that is still available,  the newer version is the S410

Professional coaches will tell you that to improve your competitive performance, you need to be able to analyze your training performance.

Polar Coach makes continuous analysis a breeze with its built-in SonicLink™ data transfer feature. Just place the receiver near your PC (with microphone and soundcard), and start the data transfer. The sound you hear will be SonicLink™ making its sonic connection and transmitting your performance data. No separate interface or wires needed.

Once in the PC, the included PC Coach Light software™ calculates, plots and analyzes your performance data. Within seconds, you will see how heart rate, time, distance, pace and intervals compare to each other in easy-to-read graphical displays. You will be able to log everything to compare against future training sessions, and chart your progress as it develops using the graphics or diagrams produced by the software.

And while you're training you can use Polar Coach's new Interval Trainer™ feature to concentrate on your workout instead of tracking laps and intervals. With 99 programmable intervals and adjustable target zone limits, you will know when it's time to push yourself to the limit and when its time to just take it easy.

Basic functions of Polar Coach

  • wireless ECG-accurate heart rate measurement
  • OwnCode™ coded transmission of heart rate
  • three target zones
  • two timers
  • recovery calculation
  • 99 split and lap times with average heart rates
  • sportswatch with alarm clock and calendar
  • backlight
  • water resistant to 20 meters

Recorded training information of Polar Coach heart rate monitor

  • maximum and average heart rates for the total exercise session
  • time spent above, within and below each target zone
  • lap and split times with average and current heart rates
  • recovery calculation
  • up to 8 hours of recording of average heart rates (60 samples), downloadable with PC Coach Light™ and Polar software products

IntervalTrainer™ functions unique to Polar Coach heart rate monitor

  • freely programmable for automated interval training (number of intervals, countdown timer, target zones, recovery calculation)
  • average heart rate and recovery calculations after each interval section

PC Coach Light™ software*:

  • for easy handling and analyzing of recorded training information
  • audio download via SonicLink™ directly from Polar Coach wrist receiver to the computer - no separate interface needed.

    Polar Coach download levels


Viewing Downloaded Data

Summary Screen
The SonicLink Data summary screen displays the information that the Polar Coach monitor recorded during your workout.  60 Samples of your average heart rate per time period are plotted.  This gives accurate data even up to 8 hours.

every 30 seconds for workouts that are 30 minutes or less,
every 1 minute for workouts that are from 30 to 60 minutes,
every 2 minutes for workouts that are 1 to 2 hours,
every 4 minutes for workouts that are from 2 to 4 hours, and
every 8 minutes for workouts from 4 to 8 hours.
(You may continue exercising with your heart rate displayed on the monitor, however after 8 hours of the Polar Coach memory is full and your heart rate will not be recorded.)

The graph displays your heart rate as follows  (60 data points)
The Accurex Plus has 4000 data points (actual heart rate) but needs the interface plus to download the data.  The Coach uses the microphone.

  Troubleshooting  (FAQ)

Polar Coach heart rate monitor downloaded data

(Data Point is a heart rate with a corresponding time)

Also all lap times up to 100 are also download

Upgrade Program (Polar Coach for Accurex Plus or Xtrainer)  Buy the Polar Coach and at a later date, exchange watch, instructions and software for the Accurex Plus with the interface plus.  The watch upgrade is $20 and the Interface plus is $129.  Could vary depending on the condition of the used Coach (scratches on the watch crystal)  Stay tuned because we will have used Coaches at a discounted price under full warranty.  (The Polar stuff keeps working)

*Requires: PC computer with 486 processor or better, at least 16 MB of memory, Microsoft compatible sound card, a microphone and Windows 95 and above.
Polar Coach Price $189
This is an older unit that is still available,  the newer version is the S410
Polar Coach Watch Only $139  (no transmitter)
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