Timex Body Link and GPS Devices
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As both a competitive runner, triathlete, cyclist and as avid heart rate monitor users, 
Sark Products has chosen these models as best suited for training in multiple sports 


GPS Speed and Distance

Heart Rate and GPS Trail Runner
Heart Rate  GPS, Navagaition
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Timex Speed and Distance GPS and Heartrate
(no transmitter)

Timex Speed and Distance GPS and Heartrate 5F011

Sark Product's Price $209 $239 $289
Watch Features
Display size (inches) .25 .25 .25
Watch band size range   (inches) 5.8- 8.3 5.8- 8.3 5.8- 8.3
Water Resistant
Large LCD Display
Time of Day
Day/Date Calendar
Time Alarm, Daily, Weekday, Weekend
Number of Lap Times 99 99 99
Countdown Timer
Displays Lap time and total time
Indiglo night-lite with Night Mode
Altitude / Elevation Data
Average Jeart Rate for each lap
Triple Display
Heart Rate Features
Hi/Low  Heart Target Zone Settings  
Audible Target Zone Alarm  
Calculates Calories Burned   NO NO
LCD Display Night Light  
Samples of time & Heartrate   16000 16000
Digital Transmitter  
Changeable Batteries in transmitter  
Number of Programmable target zones, 1 manual 5 automatic   6 6
Time in target zone  
Displays heart rate as percent of maximum  
Average heart rate Overall and per lap  
Speed and Distance features
Hands free operation, start, stop, splits automatically
Average Speed
Maximum Speed
Average Pace
Best Pace
Zone alerts based on speed or time
Altitude and Elevation Data  
Continuous Odometer  
Zone Alerts  
Distance Alerts  
Hands free laps   
Navigation Features      
Latitude and Longitude    
Altitude and Elevation Data  
Waypoints mode    
Directional Heading    
Track Back    
Downloads to computer Need Data Recorder $60 Need Data Recorder $60 Need Data Recorder $60
Uploads watch settings from computer NO NO NO


Sark Product's Price $209 $239 $289

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