Heart Rate Monitor basic comparison chart
by Sark Products
They all come with a chest transmitter except for the  
Mio Shape
 + Cardiosport Impulse  No chest strap !


Cardiosport First Cardiosport Go
Reebok Personal Trainer
Polar F1
  Cardiosport Go heart rate monitor Cardiosport First heart rate monitor Reebok Personal trainer heart rate monitor Polar F1 heart rate monitor
Sark Product's Price $49 $54 $59 $54
Wireless ECG Accurate
Heart Rate display size (inches) .45 .33 .43 .42
Watch band size range   (inches) 6.0- 8.6 6.0- 8.6 6.0 - 9.0 5.4 - 7.8
One Piece lightweight Chest Belt
Water Resistant
Large LCD Display
Time of Day      
Time Alarm      
Elapsed Time      
LCD Display Night Light        
Calculates Average, Minimum & Maximum    Average
Changeable Batteries in transmitter

Bike Mount Included Optional Optional Optional Optional
Sark Product's Price $49 $54 $74 $54

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Mio Shape + Cardiosport Impulse  (No Chest Strap)