Heart Rate Monitor Stop Watch comparison chart by Sark Products
These heart rate monitors are designed for athletes who want to keep track of their time in their target zone without spending a bundle.  They are for runners, cyclists or fitness.  
They all come with a chest transmitter except for the
  Mio Shape + Cardiosport Impulse  No chest strap !

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Cardiosport Premier Acumen Basix Plus Cardiosport Impulse 9
Reebok Studio Trainer
Reebok Fitness Trainer

Polar A5
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cardiosport premier heart rate monitor

acumen basix es  Eon heart rate monitor

Cardiosport Impulse 12 Heart rate monitor

Reebok Studio trainer heart rate monitor reebok heart rate monitor fitness trainer
Sark Product's Price $79 $79 $64 $79 $79 $94
Heart Rate display size (inches) .32 25  ES
.35 Mens
.32 .40 .21 .31
Watch band size range   (inches) 6.2 - 8.2 5.8-8.2 Mens
5.6-7.8 ES
6.0 - 8.8 6.2 - 8.2 6.2 - 8.2 5.8 - 7.9
Wireless ECG Accurate
One Piece lightweight Chest Belt
Water Resistant
Large LCD Display
Time of Day
Day/Date Calender  
Time Alarm  
Time in Target Zone displayed during workout - After Workout
Display Dual Dual Dual Dual Triple Single
Hi/Low  Heart Target Zone Settings
Audible Target Zone Alarm
Calculates Calories Burned   -  -  
LCD Display Night Light -  -
Changable Batteries in transmitter  -
Available in womens models   -       
Average heart rate      -  
Lap times     -   50  
Displays % of Max heart rate        
Displays Day of week      -  
Lap times with average heart rate     -     
Displays Min, Max and Average anytime during workout        
Displays time above, below and in target zone      -  
Multiple training zones,  50-65%, 65-75%,  75-85% or Manual

displays time above, below and in target zone for each
Keypress heart rate, Records heart rate without chest strap     -  
Storage pack        
Interval timer      -       
Bike Mount Included Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt
Sark Product's Price $79 $79 $64 $79 $79 $94