Polar F11 Heart rate monitor
Comes in black, red and blue

polar F11 heart rate monitor

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Introducing the new Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor

    The Polar F11 Features:  Comparison Polar brands 

  • Wireless ECG-accurate heart rate measurement
  • Sexy, sporty, compact and durable design
  • Recessed watch crystal to prevent scratches
  • OwnCal - automatic calorie counting
  • OwnZone - automatic calculation of target zones
  • Own Index - calculates fitness level in minutes
  • Night Vision
  • Watch, alarm, calendar and night lite
  • Calculates time in target zone
  • Display choice of stop watch, time in zone, calories and time of day along with heart rate
  • On-screen help
  • Average heart rate of total exercise
  • Displays heart rate as percentage
  • Choose of  Languages,  French, English, German, Italian and Spanish
  • Electro-luminescent backlight
  • Water resistant to 30 meters
  • Exercise Diary
  • Sonic Link data transfer to computer
  • Exercise reminder if you don't exercise.
  • Comes with Wear Link-Coded Transmitter
  • Exercise Guide

Polar F11 Our Price $154

Polar F11 watch only $124 (no transmitter) 
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