Polar A Series Fitness Comparison Chart
(Note the Beat, Target, Pacer, Smart Edge are Older units, newer units)
The Polar Fitness Line Features and Functions

M21 M52 M91 M71
  polar beat heart rate monitor polar target heart rate monitor polar pacer heart rate monitor polar smart edge heart rate monitor polar m22, m21 heart rate monitor polar m52, m51 heart rate monitor polar m91 heart rate monitor polar m71 heart rate monitor
Sark Products Price $49 $74 $99 $149 $119 $139 $229 $189
Older Models
Newer Models 
Newer Models (2001)
Wireless ECG Accurate

One Piece lightweight Chest Belt
Coded Transmission - - -      
Water Resistant to 20 meters
Large LCD Display Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual Dual
Hi/Lo Target Zone Settings -
HR Limit Settings (Beats) - 5 5 1 1 1 1 1
Out of Zone Alarms -
Records Quality Exercise Time - -
Displays Exercise Time - -
OwnZone - - -
Calories of the Active Exercise - - -
Calories burned from fat        
Calculates VO2 Max            
Displays average heart rate          
Profile for 2 people            
Titanium Case            
rowwatch.jpg (1937 bytes)
Time of Day / Alarm -
Stop Watch Function - -
Backlight Display - -
Handlebar Mount Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt Opt
Slim / Hi-Tech Receiver Design
Sark Products Price $49 $74 $99 $149 $119 $139 $229 $189

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