Fitsense Running Speedometer from Sark Products
(To good to be a called a pedometer)

Fitsense speedometer and watch for running and walking

Why Buy A Fitsense Running Speedometer

  • Know how far and how fast you go

  • Avoid injury by accurately tracking your distance and speed of your runs

  • Train Smarter by having more info

  • Lose weight by tracking your calorie expenditure

  • Track Calories, Speed, heart rate, pace and miles ran and download that so it can be saved and printed

  • Instructions available online

The FS-1 watch is your portable fitness dashboard display.  

The watch is at the center of the action. Receiving data in real-time from the foot pod and/or heart strap, displaying and storing the data, and then wirelessly sending the data to your PC and via the NetLink transceiver.

Its patent-pending ergonomic design places the display on the side of your arm, a much more natural position when you're walking or running.

Fitsense speedometer and watch for running and walking goes on your wrist

Fitsense Features

  • High accuracy   +/-  2 PercentFitsense speedometer and watch for running full view
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to use 
  • Ergonomic side-mount design 
  • Ultra-large quadrant display 
  • Backlight with night mode 
  • Autosplitz  records split each mile 
  • Water Proof  (you can push buttons under water)
  • Replaceable batteries 
  • Wireless NetLink allows downloading data it internet (optional)

    Footpod information
    The foot pod is the most revolutionary piece of the Speedometer.   From the top of your shoe, it measures each step and sends the results up to the watch so that you can see your performance in real time. The foot pod is so small and light weight that you can't feel that it's on your shoe. It weighs less than an AA battery.

    Footpod Features

  • Communication to and from watch
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Lightweight

    Heart rate monitor information
    The heart rate monitor strap is an option from fitsense and is totally coded so interference is virtually impossible from other fitsense and heart rate monitor users.  This heart strap is extremely well made and is one of the best on the market

    You can view your heart rate, pace, elapsed time and distance all at the same time !

(Each package comes with 2 CR2032 batteries, user manual and extra wrist strap)

Fitsense watch and Footpod  $139

Fitsense watch, Footpod and netlink $189

Fitsense watch, Footpod,  and heart strap $209


Fitsense watch, Footpod, netlink  and heart strap $229

Instructions available online