Polar FS2 Heart Monitor

Polar FS2 heart rate monitor
Compare to other brands   Cardiosport Go  (Masculine)

The Mio Shape + Cardiosport Impulse have no chest strap!   

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The entry level Polar FS2 HRM for easy heart rate control. Features a large LCD display showing continuous heart rate. Water resistant like all other Polar heart rate monitors as well.  Comes with the T31 transmitter

Features include:

  • Wireless ECG accurate heart rate measurement from chest to wrist
  • One piece, light-weight 100 % waterproof chest transmitter
  • Wrist receiver water resistant to 20 meters
  • Large easy-to-read LCD display
  • Exercise Time
  • Average heart rate for workout
  • Slim receiver design, with changeable wrist strap
  • Target zone alarms
  • Displays heart rate as a percentage
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Polar FS2 $54
Polar FS2 Watch Only no transmitter $34
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