How to Shop for a Heart Monitor
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  1. Find the many benefits to having a heart rate monitor and how you  use them to improve your training to meet your fitness and health goals.  More  training tips.  If you already know you need one go to step 2.
  2. Learn and understand the different features available for different heart rate monitors.  Use the search function to find more info on any applicable word or model name.
  3. Go to our many comparison charts and compare the models from brand to brand.  They are also grouped in categories.  Once you have it narrowed down study the pages of the monitors you are interested in then click on Order.

    Comparison Charts

Heart Rate only;  this group compares monitors that have just heart rate and maybe a few other features.

Target Zones  (click for target zone comparison)
By Adjusting your personal target zones, the heart rate monitor will beep if you go below your minimum or above your maximum.  This gives you instant feedback about your workout and allows you the freedom to adjust/change your personal target zones for a particular workout.

Stop Watch with time in Zone (click for stop watch comparison)
Measuring the time you spend in your target zone gives you the quality time of each workout.  This way you can compare your total time and your quality time.  As you fine tune your training you can narrow the target zone especially on harder days to ensure that you are spending enough time going hard.  For example set your zone from 155 to 180 when running or cycling and make sure you spend 15-25 minutes in the training zone.  On easy days set the zones from 112 to 140 and make sure most of  your time is spent in the target zone.

Time below, In and Above your target Zones  (click memory comparisons)
These monitors allow you to further fine tune your workouts allowing you to divide your workouts into three zones instead of two.  For most workouts I set the zones so that the workout is divided equally in three target zones.  The time above, below and in the zones will be equal.  At the end of your workout you can compare your projected work out

Weight Loss  This group has a calorie counter that helps you keep track of how much weight you will lose.  They are generally accurate to within 10 percent

Computer Download.  This group allows you to save all your workouts to your computer were you can save and print the data.  You also have the ability to compare the same workouts to see if you are improving.

Additional comparison charts;    Women   Triathlon   Cycling   Running  
Cardiac Rehab

The Following charts compare heart monitors from the same manufacture

Polar A Series M Series  designed for the entry level exerciser.  These models are generally less expensive and have less features making them easier to use.  The Polar Fitness  line are older units in the same class that are still available and at  closeout prices.

  Polar S Series  designed for more advanced athletes looking to be competitive or people that are analytical and like to have a lot of data.  These units offer a lot of great features for the money.   The  Polar Achiever  line are older units in the same class that are still available and at  closeout prices.

Cardiosport ;  this manufacture offers a wide selection of products at great prices.  Generally you will get more for your money, a bike mount and a 2 year warranty.  Comparison

Acumen;  well designed products at a reasonable price.  They offer heart monitors that are especially designed for Women.  Comparison

Mio  Cardiosport Impulse 
Heart rate monitors with no chest strap

Fitsense;  Offer a heart rate monitor that  is also an accurate pedometer that downloads to a computer