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Used along with the Polar Accurex Plus and the XTrainer Plus,the Polar interface unit is a communication device that connects to a personal computer. It can download recorded heart rate and timing data from a Polar Heart Rate Monitor by simply placing the wrist receiver on the interface unit and launching the transfer of data.Communication between the interface unit and the wrist receiver is achieved wirelessly.Interface plus

The Polar Interface Plus System:

  • Transfers heart rate data from the Accurex Plus and XTrainer to a windows driven PC for further analysis.
  • Generates multiple reports and graphs heart rate data and workout parameter information.
  • Software provides a flexible training log, sports diary, and planner.
  • The Training Advisor Software will give the user training guidelines based on fitness levels and training goals.
  • A must for anyone who owns an Accurex Plus or  X- Trainer

    Get Software Update 3/2001   Version 1:10:022
  • Mac Compatibility requires the following
  • 1) Mac that can run Windows 3.1 or higher
    2) A cable to connect to a com port or your computer to a 9 pin female connector on interface
    3) Take off 4 rubber feet on bottom, remove four screws and insert 9 volt battery

Polar Interface Plus Price $119
Polar Accurex Plus Price $229
Buy both for $319  
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