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Sark Products -- Wholesale, discount pricing, distribution and sales of heart rate monitors, HRM. Polar heart monitor repair, service center and watch battery replacement, pulse monitors are returned the same day. All pulse rate monitors are in stock and shipped the same day.  Special next day UPS delivery for $14. Employees use and are experts in using all products.

Heart monitors can also be called exercise heart rate monitors, pulse monitors or pulse meters. We carry the best brands, Polar Electro Oy, Cardiosport, Acumen and Sigma Sport heart rate monitors.  Sometimes the word pulse watch or heart watch is used. The heart rate monitors are used for Triathlon, Cycling, running, jogging and walking.  Hospitals also buy them for cardiac rehab, bypass surgery  and monitor patients heart rate after surgery.  Sark Products are experts at using Polar heart rate monitors for equine horse racing and training. We also give clinics on heart rate monitors used during spinning classes and are certified spinning instructors.

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Cardiosport heart rate monitors in stock;  limit,  heartsafe, 2001, autozone, profile, limit plus, heartsafe tz,  excel  sport  pc, partner, start. Newest units are  Cardiosport Premier, and Cardiosport Advanced. Go 10 G0 20 G0 30,
Cardiosport Graphx, Cardiosport Xtreme. 

Acumen heart rate monitors in stock Eon Basix, Eon Basix ES, Eon Basix Plus, Acumen TZ-Max 100, TZ-Max 50, Excel

Interactive Target zone heart rate calculator and running race predictor

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Race Management -- road race timing, finish line management, computerized results, race calendar, timing software for sale. 
fast accurate finish line and age group results are produced by our own custom software.

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