MIO Wave Heart Rate Monitor Watch by Sark Products
(no chest strap)
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Comparison to Cardiosport Impulse

Mio Wave Product Features
Comparison to Cardiosport Impulse

  • ECG Accurate

  • No electrical interference

  • Water resistance 10 meters

  • Time of Day with Daily alarm and date

  • Durable Construction

  • Stopwatch

  • Night Lite

  • Heart rate displayed in 4 seconds (7 seconds if you are moving or running)

  • Minimum recordable heart rate  43 BPM

  • Maximum recordable heart rate 200 BPM

  • Battery Life 1 Year  Type  CR2032
    (depends on night lite usage)

Frequent asked Questions

MIO Wave comes in the color shown

Comparison to Cardiosport Impulse

Four Models Mio Shape Select, Mio Shape in black, blue ,  MioMio Shape Select Heart Rate Monitor Sport, and Mio Wave (below is the difference)

Comparison Chart  

Mio Shape Select  $115
Removable and interchangeable wrist straps.  Comes with optional wrist straps in different Colors.  Has all features of Mio Shape.  The Petite has a smaller size wrist strap.  Wrist strap  Petite  5.25 - 7.30 inches,  Select 6.0 - 8.6 inches.

Mio Shape  $104
Records calorie intake:  record calories burned, and tracks net balance 

Mio Sport  $99
Records calorie burned used during workout

Mio Wave  $84  has none of the features above

Club Mio Membership: The online healthy living virtual site, where Mio
owners can chart their progress, keep a personal diary, access a personal
trainer, create fitness reminders, receive a fitness newsletter, and
personalize weight management programs 

MioSense: The handy pocket guide to healthy living that provides
comprehensive information on health, fitness, exercise, nutrition and diet. 
MioSense also includes a step-by-step guide on how to design and
individualize a health and fitness program. MioSense also contains
calorie tables for basic foods and beverage as well as restaurant foods
so that calories consumed during the day can be easily recorded during the day. 

Comparison Chart  

MIO Shape Select Heart Rate Monitor Our price  $115
(petite of regular)

MIO Shape Heart Rate Monitor 
Our price  $104 Blue,  $104 Black

MIO Sport Heart Rate Monitor Our price  $99

MIO Wave Heart Rate Monitor Our price  $84

  Comparison Chart