The Polar S725, S625 interface with Nokia Phone
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Download your activity data to your mobile phone

Your Polar S725™ cycling heart rate monitor is compatible with Polar MobileLink™ to Cycling application.

This unique application enables infrared communication between your Polar S725™ cycling heart rate monitor and Nokia 5140 mobile phone. With the mobile application you can receive exercise files wirelessly to your mobile phone from your Polar wrist unit, and take advantage of the following functions:

1. Right after your exercise, you can view your training data (eg heart rate, speed and altitude curves) in graphical format on the colour display of the phone - no matter where you are, and whether you have access to a computer.

2. Use of the phone memory allows you to save temporarily data from training sessions and competitions, and track your performance over time.

3. You can send a summary data to your training mate or coach as a SMS to another phone for an instant analysis even when PC is not available.

4. You can also send the data to your training diary in your PC or on the Polar web service and analyze them further.