stay in your target zone


With the OwnZone feature, Polar Smart Edge and Polar M Series  makes exercising in the right level easier than ever before. Not only does it measure your heart rate as accurately as an electrocardiogram (ECG), it automatically calculates the effective and safe heart rate range for you to exercise within to improve your general fitness and health.

The Polar Smart Edge, M21, M52, and M71 use multiple methods for determining your OwnZone. The primary method is to measure and analyze the heart rate variability. During the warm-up period, SmartEdge listens to your body and analyzes your heart beats. It guides you through an appropriate warm-up routine and automatically determines a safe and effective exercise heart rate zone - your OwnZone. The OwnZone takes the user's current physical condition at the time of the warm-up into account when calculating the target zone.

Alternatively, Polar SmartEdge will automatically calculate OwnZone limits which are based on your age predicted maximum heart rate.  Once you are familiar with your OwnZone, you can also program manually.

(220 - age). OwnZone corresponds in most individuals to 65-85% of the maximum heart rate.