Polar M52 M51 Heart rate monitor
Same except for color

Polar M52 Heart rate monitorPolar M51 Heart rate monitor

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Introducing the new Polar M52, M51 Heart Rate Monitor

The Ownindex gives a comparable number to VO2max.  Measure your fitness weekly and monitor your improvement.  The ownindex is based on heart rate, heart rate variability at rest, body structure and self assessed physical activity. The new Polar M52 and M51 Heart Rate Monitor contains two additional  features, OwnZone and OwnCal, designed to make exercise easier and more effective. The unique OwnZone feature automatically finds your effective and safe intensity level during the warm-up before the exercise session begins. The OwnCal calorie counting feature monitors and records the calories you burn while exercising.

A great gift for a loved one,  test eachother for fun...  make sure your kids will be genetically gifted.  Or test a potential spouse.

    The Polar M52, M51 Features:

  • Wireless ECG-accurate heart rate measurement
  • Sexy, sporty, compact and durable design  (We love it)
  • OwnZone - calculates automatic target zone
  • OwnCal - automatic calorie counting
  • Fat Burn - counts calories from fat
  • Memory for 2 people; The Polar M52, M51 allows data to be entered for two people.  (Age, Sex, Weight, Height)  Also the last workouts of two people are stored into memory
  • Watch, alarm, calendar and stopwatch
  • Calculates time in target zone and is displayed while you work out
  • Dual display with choice of stop watch, time in zone, calories and time of day along with heart rate.
  • On-screen help
  • Electro-luminescent backlight
  • Water resistant to 30 meters
  • Fitness Index (Calculates your fitness level using heart rate variability and resting heart rate)  Your age, weight, height and sex are enter for up to 2 people.   (This feature is cool accurate and helpful to your fitness plan)
  • Exercise reminder if you don't exercise.

  • Polar M52, M51 Our Price $139
    Polar M52, M51 watch only $114
       (no transmitter)
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