Getting Road Race Entry Forms to Us
We need to receive the entry forms two to three days before the race. Too early and there may be up to 50 pre-entries in your possession and not entered in our computer. Too late and we could be scrambling to enter the last entries on a Saturday. We have found it best to encourage runners to pre enter up to 3-4 days before the race and after that time have the runners pay an extra fee and enter the day of the race.   PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE ALL ENTRIES.  We strongly encourage to have the entry forms sent via next day, guaranteed deliver by either the Post Office, UPS, or Federal Express.  Make sure that you check no signature required in case I'm not at the office.  Please make sure that only the race forms are sent and are completed in full with signature. Also try to have the forms facing in the same direction so that data entry is made easier. The last pre-registered runners (hopefully less than 10)  will be entered as soon as we arrive and then we can print the registration list. It very important that these entry forms be there a minimum of 2 hours before the start of the race. The pre-registered list should be finalized no later than 1 hours before the race. Pre-registered runners not on the list is always a problem.

Race Entries By E-Mail
This is the preferred method because it saves next day postage and we will discount our fee because we don't have to do the data entry. Make sure the spreadsheet is Microsoft Excel Compatible (i.e. dbase, asci delimited or even lotus is ok). Also make sure there is a separate field or column for the following: first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, phone (optional), age, sex,  optional are division and  team. Flag any entries that have no signature or have not paid as "not paid", "no sig". Use Age=99 for an entry with no age. Also flag any entry where it is difficult to read their last name (won't be able to find on alphabetical list).  Also city with a east, west, north, south should  be entered as  W. Roxbury, W. Dennis, N. Quincy etc.   This allows our computer to auto match zip codes and allows us to grab all runners from that town to be used in a mailing.

Use the following table as an example:

Sample for inputing data using Microsoft Excel or Lotus
Bib First Last Address City State Zip Age Div Sex Flag    
1 Lou Ristaino 29 Runs Slow Rd Boston MA 02123 40   M  
2 Kevin Hunts 457 Aslick Rd Chelsea MA 02150 36   M not paid
3 Jane Badman 233 South St Dedham MA 02026 65 P F  
4 Tarzan Brown 456 North Ave Weston MA 02493 27   M  
5 Paul Collier 123 Night St Wayland MA 01778 99 CD M no age
6 Jay Peters 456 Day Rd Dedham MA 02026 47   M no sig
7 Julie Rich 543 Way Farm Rd W. Roxbury MA 02493 22 PH F can't read
8 Pam Jones 135 Rich Rd Wayland MA 01778 43   F  

CD Clydesdale
PH Philly
P  Police

First save the file on your computer before you attach it.  Then tell us how many entries you have.  We will confirm receipt and that the data is ok.

Make sure that you email the list at least 3 days prior to the race so we can be sure we can read it. Then email the final list no later than Friday at 2:00pm or 2 days before race.  Do not renumber or alphabetize the list because we need to know newly added entries. With email there are at least 10 different problems that can occur; telephone lines, web servers, corrupted or incomplete transfer, power failures etc. Waiting to the last minute will cause us extra work at a time when we are very busy and will be subject to additional fees and loss of the discount.

Pre Registration  (example print out)
We will provide you a list of runners in alphabetical order. The last name of each runner is looked up, and then a volunteer gives them their assigned bib number. Each volunteer can normally give out to 75-125 numbers. For races with up to 250 pre-entries 2-4 volunteers can hand out numbers and T-Shirts with the alphabetical list. For races with more than 250 pre registered, it is better to post an alphabetical list were the runners can look up their own number and then go to the registration table were each volunteer has a consecutive group of numbers and a pre-registration list that is numerical.  If a pre-registered runner is not on the list assume that his last name may been mis-read or mis-spelled and try to find him on the list again. If the runner still can not be found, have them go to the post-registration table, fill out a completed application and acquire a new number from the post registration area.  Do not under any conditions give a number from the pre - registration area that is not assigned to that runner!   Payment terms and pre race goodies are up to the race organizers.

Bib Numbers in Advance
Getting bib numbers from us in advance is a possibility however we can not guarantee that the numbers will start with #1 unless your race has over 350 runners and you let us know this 2 months in advance. If you want to assign numbers yourself make sure that each application has a number labeled in the same place and the applications are in numerical order with no missing or skipped numbers. There is a $10 shipping and handling charge for you to receive the numbers from us. For all last minute pre-registrations make sure that each application has a number written on it and the applications are in numerical order.

Post Registration
Runners fill out an entry form at a separate table and exchange the form and money for a bib number and other amenities. The volunteer writes the bib number on the form and keeps them in numerical order and facing the same direction. Keeping the forms in order facilitates the data entry for us. It is important to hand out the numbers in order to make sure there are no missing forms or missing numbers. In addition, the numbers are free so we don't want missing or unnecessary numbers used.

Free Bib Numbers
The bib numbers are free of charge but Runners World needs to get a list of all participants and their full address which we email the following day. If you don't want the bib numbers we can provide Runner's World raffle prizes instead. We can't provide free numbers if you have contacted Runner's World directly and have gotten either bags or raffle prizes. Runner's World has done a lot for running and we don't want to take advantage of them.

Registration Goals
1) Make sure each runner completes the entry form and signs the waiver
2) Ensure that the runners put the bib numbers on the front of their shirt.
3) Keep all post registration forms in order and promptly forward them to the data entry person

Finish Line Volunteers  (sample jobs)
Finish line volunteers should be briefed by us at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the race. Volunteers can get the appropriate info from this web site or a printed description of their responsibilities on race day.   Intelligent, prompt and organized volunteers will help ensure that the registration and timing process will be smooth, accurate and prompt.