Sark Race Productions Price List
Race Basic Fee $600 with discounts applied
Previous Contact Person $20
Adjacent Town to Waltham $20
Email Pre Registrations in proper format $30
Under 150 Runners $20
Maximum Discount $35
Added Fees  
Entry Forms don't arrive on time $15-$80 extra
Payment not provided on race day $25 extra
Additional  Contact person $25
Additional  Race $40-80 per race
Divisions No Charge
Teams $40-60
Shipping supplies in Advance $15
Travel $1/mile over 30 miles
Holiday or May, June, Sept, Oct Call or email  781-647-9777
Consulting  (30 minutes free) $60 per hour
Link to web site No Charge
Over 300 Runners 60 cents per runner
Extra Clock $75  (if available)
Rent Clock for Race $100
Safety Pins 1500 $18
Contract verbally excepted and cancelled,  Minimum $200
Race date changed due to act of God $95  (if we are free we can reschedule)
Fees subject to change without notice.   However once you have a quote and the deposit is received you are locked in. You must pay the deposit by the due date to keep us reserved for your race.