1) Make sure that the forms are filled out COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY; "age" and "sex" are critical. Also try to verify the age and sex of pre - entrants if time permits

2) Ask the runners to please write neatly and to complete the form in full.

3) CLEARLY, NEATLY and ACCURATELY, record the runner's number on the lower right corner of the registration form. Be consistent.

4) If one person signs up for multiple runners, make sure that the numbers are properly assigned and distributed. You can write down the name on the bib number.

5) Keep the registration forms in order, lowest to highest, top to bottom, and have a volunteer bring them to the data entry/computer operator. Bring them in when the pile reaches no more than 10 or 12 forms. It is best not to fall behind.

6) Make sure all runners have their number pinned to the front of their shirt with 4 pins. All numbers must be showing when they are crossing the finish line.

7) For races with more than 100 runners,  make sure there is a separate area or table were the runners can fill out the registration form