Polar s210 heart rate monitor

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Polar S210 Heart rate monitor
Instructions  (Same as S410 no download)

Exercise intensity control and feedback for runners, cyclists and multisport athletes. Interactive heart rate feedback to enhance training performance, for the dedicated athlete and serious fitness enthusiast.

Basic features: Heart Rate Monitoring functions on all S Series units:
these features also found in polar achiever line 

  • wireless, continuous and ECG accurate heart rate measurement
  • coded heart rate transmission to avoid crosstalk caused by other users of heart rate monitorspolar wear link transmitter
  • slim new wear link transmitter  (can change battery)
  • three adjustable Target Zones the Polar s210 allows all three target zones to calculate time in, above and below target zone at once.
  • three adjustable, alternating Timers 
  • 99 lap and split times with average heart rate
  • visual and audible out of Target Zone alarms
  • recovery heart rate
  • average / maximum heart rate for each lap

New S Series features found in all S series models

  • interval function  (Warm up, Workout and Recovery up to 30)
    intervals based on either time, heart rate or manual
  • predicted max heart rate function
  • low battery indicator
  • own index, calculates vo2 max
  • calculates calories burned total and calories from fat (owncal)
  • Select and store your 5 favorite workouts, (timers, zones and recovery)
  • Display alternates:  switch between Total time, lap time, Calories, time of day
  • Display percent of maximum heart rate instead of heart rate

Polar S210 Watch functions:

  • sportswatch with alarm clock and calendar
  • stop watch with 99 lap times and average heart rate
  • electro luminescent backlight
  • water resistant to 20 meters (62 feet)

Polar S210 Recording functions:

  • maximum and average heart rates for the total exercise period
  • average heart rates for each lap
  • time spent above, within and below each of three Target Zone
  • last recovery heart rate
  • lap and split times with maximum, average and current heart rates
  • up to 6 workouts.  The last workout gives all data,  the previous 5 give exercise time  average and maximum heart rate

Upgrade Program (Polar s210 for other S Series unit)  Buy the Polar s210 and at a later date, exchange watch, instructions for another S Series unit.   Trade in value could vary depending on the condition of the used s210 (scratches on the watch crystal).  But for the most part a high trade in value will apply.   Stay tuned because we will have used s210's at a discounted price under full warranty.  (The Polar stuff keeps working)

Polar S210 Heart Rate Monitor  $174 coded transmitter    
Polar S210 watch only $139 (no transmitter)
(assumes you already own a transmitter)

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