Why buy a heart monitor from Sark Products 

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  • Price match policy
    Sark Products Inc. will beat any Internet price on any product we sell. We will deduct 20% of the difference in price from the lower price.  (For Example our price $100 their price $90, 20% of difference $2, your new price $88)

    Type this in the special instructions on the order page  (click to order)

    I saw this product  on ______ (URL) for a cost of ____ your price is ____ therefore my new price is _____       (don't forget to fill the info)

  • Expert knowledge about all products we sell.  We know how to set all the watches and know the detailed features and functions and how these functions relate to the sport you are training in and how to use them to improve.  We have rewritten most of the instructions manuals on our site so when you get your battery changed you can easily set the time of day and other watch functions.

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  • Experts in shipping, we know how to get the monitor to you quickly and cheaply.  We can process an order in under 5 minutes!  In most cases you can order by 6:30 pm EST and get the monitor next day!  We offer next day delivery via UPS for $25 Saver, $29 10:30am and second day shipment for $12 order before 5-6pm EST.  We also ship World Wide and you can find out the cost by either US Mail or UPS  Shipping Costs 

  • We will consult with you about your training and provide individual tips especially with Swimming, Cycling, Lifting, Aerobics, Spinning and Running.  We have more experience than any heart monitor company World Wide.  Please don't expect us to be your personal trainer.  However coaching services are available locally in Boston.  About the owner

  • Accurate information about all aspects of heart rate monitoring and training.   I have read lots of incorrect stuff on other web sites and magazines such as Runners World, Bicycling, Velo News etc.  Please, don't say I read this in Runners World and they said........    We also call other companies and see what they know by acting as customers.   Please don't call us and drain us for information and then order from another company for a lower price.  Our prices are very competitive, and we take care of all warranty issues, have a trade in policy with lots of spare parts for inexpensive repairs, offer same day shipping on all orders and repairs and we know everything you can imagine about the products and how to use them to train.

  • We are the only company World Wide that can fix any Polar or Cardiosport and do it the same day all the time.  We don't work out until we fix your monitor.  If we feel your unit is not 100% for any reason we will test it for a while or work out a deal with you for a new monitor.  If all else fails we can scrap it for parts.  No heart rate monitor has sat here more than 24 hours unless a phone call wasn't returned.

  • All orders are in stock and shipped the same day.
    If you have to ask "do you have that in stock" or "when will that ship" you will be required to order at least 30 heart monitors and pay for next day shipping.  If we don't have it stock then ask for a discount.

  • Tons of happy customers

  • Quick, accurate answers about any question.  We won't have to get back to you unless we are already on the phone.

  • Wholesale pricing for multiple units.

  • Selection and choices. (We carry about 35 different Monitors and many used monitors under warranty)

  • Upgrade programs and used monitors

  • Quick simple suggestions about how you can use the monitor of your choice to improve, enhance and enjoy your workout without spending a bundle.

  • Return Policy
    Exchanges / upgrades can be made at any time and you will be given full credit up to 30 days towards a more expensive heart monitor if the unit is in new condition.  If the unit has scratches on the watch crystal, or if the unit is over 30 days than the trade in value will be slightly less.  If you buy a more expensive unit and want to trade down you will be issued a full credit toward a future order.

    Refunds are subject to a 8% restocking fee plus $3.    If you are buying a gift or have a special circumstance we will find a reasonable solution. We have to pay phone, credit card, administration and bank fees that are not refundable to us. Shipping fees are not refundable.

    No returns for cash after 25 days.  Or Jan 11  for Christmas orders placed after Nov 23

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