Timex Ironman GPS Speed and Distance Monitor
 100 lap 

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Timex 100 lap GPS Speed and Distance 58501
Timex 100 lap GPS Speed and Distance 5E701
Retail $200 our price $159

Timex 100 lap GPS Speed and Distance 5E691
Timex 100 lap GPS Speed and Distance 5E691
Retail $200 our price $159

Each product has 5 buttons the position of the buttons and the watch face are the main differences between the watch
also the 5E701 is leak tight to 100 meters and the 5e691 is good to 50 meters

Timex makes it possible for runners, skiers, kayakers, mountain bikers, sailors, horse back riding anybody covering distance in the great outdoors, to accurately answer the all-important questions; how far and how fast?

In 1986, Timex changed the industry forever with the introduction of a sportwatch named for the world's most famous endurance athletic event, the Ironman Triathlon. Since then, the Ironman brand has become synonymous with some of the most advanced product offerings from Timex. With the introduction of the Speed and Distance System, the Timex Ironman line further asserts its leadership position among performance sport watches. With the addition of GPS technology, the Speed and Distance System has the most comprehensive list of features ever offered in a Timex Ironman watch including the following:

Watch Functions

  • - Indiglo night light with Night Mode and all day Indiglo
  • - Alarm with daily, weekday and weekend option
  • - 12/24 hour time, month, day, date
  • - Dual time zones
  • - Automatic time setting (minutes and seconds when GPS transmitter is in use)
  • - Watch water resistant to 50 Meters
  • - 50 or 100 Lap Memory with:
    • - Lap number
    • - Lap Time
    • - Lap distance /Average
  • - 100 hour stop watch

    Speedometer Functions
  • - Continuous odometer
  • - Best pace
  • - Current speed/pace
  • - Average speed/pace
  • - Metric or English units
  • - Max speed to 450 mph
  • - 100 hour Countdown Timer with:
    • - Stop at end
    • - Repeat at end
    • - Chronograph at endage lap speed/pace
  • - Distance of activity
  • - Speed in 1/10 mph or kph resolution
  • - Distance in 1/1000 mile or kilometer resolution
  • - 2 year watch battery life
  • - 12 hour transceiver battery life  (1  AA batteries)
  • - 99% Accurate.

Differences between 100 lap new and old
The stopwatch stop button is on the right side rather than on the top.  This prevents accidental stopping of your workout.  ( not a big deal or major problem )

How it works

The Timex Ironman Speed and Distance System consists of two pieces: a GPS receiver and a watch that are wirelessly connected by a radio signal. The GPS receiver includes a strap to wear on upper arm and a belt clip. The receiver scans the skies for satellite signals looking for the best geometric solution (through a process called "triangulation") and transmits precise speed, distance and pace readings to the watch in real time. While GPS technology is most commonly used as a navigational tool, the satellites are equipped with atomic clocks, making it possible to get speed and distance data with 99% accuracy.

Timex speed and distance GPS with Navman2  

Strapped to the arm or clipped to the waist, the receiver's small and lightweight design makes it barely noticeable to the user. Information is transmitted from receiver to the watch via digital FM signal, making it extremely resistant to interference from electrical sources such as overhead power lines.

Timex Ironman Speed and Distance System receives prestigious Innovations 2003 Design and Engineering Showcase Honoree Award

For the seventh time in the last eight years, a Timex product has been awarded the coveted "Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase Honoree" award by the Consumer Electronics Association. In recent years, Timex has taken home Innovations awards for its Internet Messenger and Data Link products.

Timex 100 lap GPS Speed & Distance 5E701 (Black / Silver)  our price $159  

Timex 100 lap GPS Speed & Distance 5E691 (Black)  our price $159 Velcro wrist strap
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Timex 30-lap Ironman Triathlon Heart Rate Monitor Watch T5C401

Timex T5C401 heart rate monitor

Timex 30 Lap Ironman Triathlon Series.  $79

  • Target heart rate zone with optional alarms.

  • 5 target zones based on max heart rate.

  • Recovery rate timer.

  • Calories burned.

  • Display with flipping system for easy reading.

  • 100-hour chronograph with lap and split. 30-lap memory with average heart rate.

  • 100-hour, 3-mode countdown timer.

  • Month/day/date with 12/24 hour time.

  • Alarm with 5-minute backup.

  • INDIGLO. night-light with NIGHT-MODE.

  • Double-shot polyurethane strap.

  • Water resistant to 50 meters.

  • Digital FM transmission for clear signals around exercise equipment and power lines. Synchronized transmission prevents crosstalk from other heart rate monitors. Continuous heart rate readings even during the most intense activities.

  • Comfortable and lightweight with adjustable elastic chest strap. Owner-replaceable battery.

  • Sensor Water-resistant to 30m     $79

  • Data recorder compatible.