Polar Transmission Technology
The heart generates an electrical signal that can be measured on skin. The transmitter contains two electrodes to detect the electrical signal on your skin. The electrodes are mounted on a sealed transmitter that is attached to the chest with elastic belt. The transmitter detects the voltage differential on the skin during every heart beat and sends the signal continuously and wirelessly using an electromagnetic field to the wrist receiver. This method is based on ultra low power consumption, which is guaranteed with the unique insertion moulded electronics module and carefully designed and tested circuitry to pick up the electrical signal of the heart. Polar´s unique patented one-piece molded construction makes the Polar chest transmitter the only 100% waterproof and most comfortable heart rate transmitter available.

Benefits of Polar transmitter's one piece structure

The Polar transmitter:

  • is completely water proof due to the sealed structure
  • is slim, lightweight and comfortable to use  (56 Grams)
  • guarantees improved operation in water with improved hydrodynamics
  • will not break down mechanically, as there are no wires to break from your snap connectors, nor oxidation problems with the snap connectors, both resulting in malfunctioning of the transmitter and repeated repair costs and loss of water proof
  • has no extra need to replace the transmitter belt
  • cannot be lost accidentally, due to poor connection to the transmitter belt with the snap connectors (especially important for competitive athletes)
  • has low power consumption
  • guaranteed long trouble-free use


Polar Transmission Technology gives you 2500 hours of trouble free use of your transmitter unit, because it is totally service free. Just wash the transmitter occasionally with mild soap water. Due to the unique mechanical structure of the transmitter, the electrodes will not peal off as with some old designs. All this reduces significantly your total cost of using effectively your most important piece of training equipment over time.  The cost per hour is about 1.7 cents.

How does the Polar Heart Rate Monitor work?

Polar Heart Rate Monitors measure the electrical frequency of your heart, the number of beats per minute at which your heart is operating. In contrast, pulse meters (photo-reflectance models) use sensors to measure the mechanical pulse of blood flow through your capillaries, which is then converted into a beat-per-minute readout. Polar Heart Rate Monitors are so accurate that readings obtained simultaneously by Polar monitors and by electrocardiogram (ECG) monitors are almost identical. This is not true for photo-reflectance monitors.

Benefits of Cardiosport transmitters one piece structure

  • Light Weight only 42 Grams.
  • Easy to change Battery CR2032 can use coin.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Small comfortable Design
  • Works with all other heart monitor brands that we know of.  It can also be used with most treadmills.


Transmitter Compatibility
Transmitter Polar
(Non cycling units)
Polar (cycling units)
Protrainer XT, Xtrainer
S510, S710
Cardiosport Reebok Acumen
Polar T31 (non coded)      
Polar T61 (Coded)