Polar Transmission Technology

The Polar Transmitter is the most advanced unit on the market today. The transmitter is truly the "heart" of the heart rate monitor.  The heart generates an electrical signal that is detected by the transmitter and sent to the receiver (wrist unit). There are two electrodes within the transmitter that make this all possible.

The Polar Difference  (Comparison with Cardiosport)

The Polar Transmitter utilizes a one-piece design that encases all of the electrical components inside the unit. This is why a Polar Transmitter is the only true 100% waterproof unit available today. Whether you are a swimmer, like to workout in the rain, or just perspire heavily, you can be confident that the Polar Transmitter will continue to work trouble free in wet conditions.

The new Polar Transmitter T31

Polar T31 Transmitter and Strap $44  order a heart rate monitor

The Polar T61 is the coded version of this transmitter $70

The Older Polar Transmitter

Polar Wear Link Transmitter

Taking comfort and function to another level, the new Polar WearLink™ transmitter is the first soft Polar transmitter belt ever produced. With the exclusive Polar transmitter technology engineered right into the fabric strap, the Polar WearLink™ will fit any body shape and allow full freedom of movement. It will change the way you exercise. Polar WearLink™ Transmitter Features: • Electrode engineered into fabric strap • Coded technology which eliminates interference from other HRM users • Changeable battery CR2025 • Battery life (2 years) • Replaceable fabric strap (Life of strap - 100 machine washings) • Water resistant

order a heart rate monitor

Transmitter Compatibility
Transmitter Polar
(Non cycling units)
Polar (cycling units)
Protrainer XT, Xtrainer
S510, S710, S720i, S725
Change Battery
Polar T31 (non coded)  $39      NO
Polar T61 (Coded) $60   NO
Wear Link (Coded)  $54   Yes
Cardiosport $39     Yes
Reebok $39     Yes
Acumen $39   Yes

For coded transmission to take place, you must have a coded transmitter and a coded watch. A list of coded watches are  Protrainer XT, Accurex Plus, Xtrainer Plus, Smart Edge, M52, M51, M91 and all Polar S Series)

Polar Transmitter with elastic strapThe Facts:

  • No battery compartment or o ring seal to cause leaking and failure
  • No exposed electronics to cause corrosion
  • Low power consumption technology means long battery life. No yearly battery change necessary
  • 2500 hours of continuous use (5-6 years maintenance free use based on 1 hour use per day)
  • 2 Year maintenance free warranty including the battery. The most extensive warranty on the market.
  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear
  • Durable. Cannot be pulled apart or ripped like competitive models
  • Guaranteed long trouble free use

Polar technology has been around for twenty years. The evolution of the transmitter has continued through that time and continues to make Polar the industry leader in heart rate monitoring.

T31 Transmitter with Elastic Strap is $44 plus $5 Shipping
Transmitter Trade is $35 with no elastic strap & no shipping charge
Working Transmitter Trade is $28 with no elastic strap & no shipping charge

The elastic strap shown above is $8 plus $5 shipping.  2 straps are $20 including shipping please specify for the T31 or older transmitter.
(check above using picture)