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Polar XTrainer Plus
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A completely new solution for the cyclist and multi-sport athlete looking for all the benefits of a heart rate monitor, all the features of a cycling computer, and a software program for analysis.

Basic features |Cross training features
Polar Interface and Polar Training Advisor
Polar Training Advisor |Compatibility

Basic features: Heart Rate Monitoring functions:

  • wireless, continuous and ECG accurate heart rate measurement
  • coded transmission of heart rate to avoid crosstalk caused by other users of heart rate monitors
  • three freely programmable Target Zones
  • visual and audible alarm for each Target Zone limit
  • lap/split time
  • average heart rate for each lap
  • three programmable, alternating timers
  • Recovery Heart rate or recovery Time after each lap
  • display alternative during the Heart Rate Mode: Time of Day, total exercising time or countdown timers

Recording functions:

  • recording time up to 66 hours of training information with unlimited number of files
  • automatic recording of heart rate, speed and cadence (requires separate Polar cadence Sensor) or altitude (requires separate Polar Altitude Sensor) every 5, 15 or 60 secinds
  • maximum and average heart rate for the total exercise period
  • time spent above, within and below each Target Zone
  • ability to save only lap times with average heart rate of the lap
  • ability to analyze recorded training information file by file manually on receiver display or with your PC through the use of Polar Interface Plus TM (sold separately)

Watch functions:

  • stopwatch with alarm clock and calendar
  • 12/24 h display
  • stopwatch with lap/split indicator
  • electroluminescent backlight
  • water resistant to 20 meters (62 feet)


Cross training features: Cycling functions:

  • trip distance
  • total distance
  • current speed
  • average speed
  • maximum speed
  • stopwatch
  • total riding time

Other functions:

  • altitude (requires separate optional Polar Altitude Sensor)
  • meters/feet ascented (requires separate optional Polar Altitude Sensor)
  • cadence (requires separate optional Polar Cadence Sensor)


Polar Interface Plus TM  and
Polar Training Advisor TM
The Polar Interface Plus™ unit is a communication device that connects to a personal computer. It can download recorded heart rate and timing data from a Polar Heart Rate Monitor by simply placing the wrist receiver on the interface unit and launching the transfer of data. Communication between the Interface unit and the wrist receiver is achieved wirelessly.

The Polar Interface Plus™ unit is easily plugged into a standard serial port, and the Polar Training Advisor™ Software takes care of the rest.

Get Software Update 3/2001  (click here)  Version 1:10:022

Regionally available


Polar Training Advisor TM Software This software facilitates the easy transfer and record keeping of Heart Rate data captured by a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, in a user friendly Windows environment. The application offers analysis, comparison and tracking of training progress for a number of individuals or teams, by integrating a graphical analyses tool with an easy to use, flexible training log, sports diary and planner.

The software has a host of reporting functions to view training progress and results in many different forms, including export/import functions to and from other Windows applications. The Polar Training Advisor™ Software will give the user training guidelines based on their existing fitness level and training goals, and will automatically incorporate the training data gathered and downloaded via the Polar Interface Plus™ . The more information the software has to work on, the more reliable the training guidelines. These training guidelines are particularly useful for novice and intermediate athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts.



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Polar Xtrainer Plus

Polar XTrainer Plus

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Polar Xtrainer Plus Price $179 (used)
Polar Interface Plus $119

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